Video content guide launched by industry leader

Leading video content marketing agency ReelContent has launched a new ebook detailing what video marketing means for businesses today.

Entitled “The Future is Video: 53 game-changing content marketing stats”, the ebook discusses the impact of increasing mobile adoption on video marketing, and goes on to expose 53 compelling statistics which show why video cannot be ignored as a brand awareness tool.

With the possibility of reaching millions of people and with video technologies constantly advancing, it is clear video marketing will become a more prominent feature in content and communication strategies.

In the ebook, Karen Webber, head of marketing communications at ReelContent parent company Axonn Media, predicts key trends for the future of video marketing, including the importance of adapting to mobile usability and the diversification of social media channels to include video.

She says: “Internet users love online video and increasingly engage with content delivered in this way.

“Businesses should make the most of the opportunity to communicate with their audiences through video, using it as a highly effective brand awareness and conversion tool.”

The report shows how the customer journey is crucial when implementing a video content marketing strategy, and it offers supporting statistics from leading sources including comScore, Google, the Content Marketing Association and Axonn Research.

Co-author Lee Wagstaff, an assistant content manager at the firm, explains his choice of statistics: “We wanted to represent the state of the video marketing industry today with hard facts that clearly demonstrate where we are with video and have used reputable sources for statistics that were relevant and insightful to each stage of the customer journey.”

The ebook is available as a free download from the ReelContent site today.


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